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2 years ago

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Living in a townhouse, with so many "neighbors " is not surprising that people have a lot of other people to view life. I'm renting the place for about a month and get the most out of people - and we've seen a look at their lives. Two nights ago I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Having had a long hot shower, I opened the side windows of the steam. As I opened the window I noticed the couple next door were sitting watching TV. Nothing unusual - I had with with getting ready for bed, which included a shave. see TV flashes in different colors from the corner of my eye I stopped to see what they saw. Absolutely stunned, I thought they saw a very sexy movie ! Now there are two very respectable middle-aged couple with teenage children were ( both for the night, I penguinvids thought) I was a little surprised. I saw a little longer to see the images ofsexy ladies undress and start to play together - "Fantastic", I thought - an ad for free. My cock began to move, so I dropped the towel and began to stroke my already semi-hard cock. only then that I realized that my neighbors enjoyed the movie as I am. Sitting on the couch, masturbating man had his cock out. A little disappointed that his wife was still sitting there, fully clothed and do nothing - but that penguinvids did not last long, penguinvids as she bowed her head and fell on her husband's big cock. Meanwhile, masturbating furiously at the sight of my middle age to which only a that runs out. , obviously having fun, he grabbed her and pulled the skirt and around the waist - was not capable of penguinvids anything I 'm on your side and arm movements with his wife 's pussy to play, penguinvids to see guess. A couple of times over the next ten minutes, he heard his cock sucked penguinvids - presumably from the look on his face, so they can enjoy the passing of her husband's fingers. At this point I was coming. Not only that, I told the neighbors saw a very sexy to see - but I have to see them enjoy each other. His cock is on, and his wife are sucked, fingered by. My hands were pulling my cock and stroked my balls - ready to take me until the end. Finally, they moved the positions on the couch, kneeling before him with her ​​as she sucked. Reaching into her breasts lifted her dress and felt her breasts - pinching and groping with force. Finally, keep quiet, but deep down - that was obviously coming, when it reaches the head of his penis and began pumping hard to close the mouth. \\ Of \\ N suspected shot his cum in her mouth ready to his wife and shot my cum all over the floor. was a fantastic experience. I'd love to have been on the side of the ring, followed by the series, penguinvids and they knew because I was Watching and for them, for me to have a guest. All couples wishing penguinvids to contact me, please - I'd love to see you!

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